Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn 1888 – ∞

Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn 1888 – ∞ “Magick is the science & art of causing change to occur in conformity with will” ~ Aleister Crowley Using some Hermetic Order iconography blended with art from Mickey Strangeways dark Victorian influenced designs to produce colour silk linings for a range of of waistcoats & jackets […]

Execution Dock

“Buttons cast from those washed up on the Wapping shoreline known as Execution Dock where 400 years ago pirates, smugglers & mutineers were executed”  Strangely English crooked & damaged Squalor buttons are made from bio-resin & tinted in toffee “This morning, a little after ten o’clock, Colley, Cole, and Blanche, the three sailors convicted of […]