Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn 1888 – ∞

Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn 1888 – ∞ “Magick is the science & art of causing change to occur in conformity with will” ~ Aleister Crowley

Using some Hermetic Order iconography blended with art from Mickey Strangeways dark Victorian influenced designs to produce colour silk linings for a range of of waistcoats & jackets ~ if we are not caught by the claws of the plague first

Worlds End SW10

Moved from Hoxton to Worlds End (Chelsea) SW10 due to plague & pestilence back east. “mirum in modum anglicus” 

Execution Dock

“Buttons cast from those washed up on the Wapping shoreline known as Execution Dock where 400 years ago pirates, smugglers & mutineers were executed” 

Strangely English crooked & damaged Squalor buttons are made from bio-resin & tinted in toffee

“This morning, a little after ten o’clock, Colley, Cole, and Blanche, the three sailors convicted of the murder of Captain Little, were brought out of Newgate, and conveyed in solemn procession to Execution Dock… Colley seemed in a state resembling that of a man stupidly intoxicated, and scarcely awake…”


Catalogue Raisonné

All of our tshirts are Fair Wear Foundation certified & are made from organic combed cotton. All of our tshirts are hand screened in England.