Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn 1888 – ∞

Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn 1888 – ∞ “Magick is the science & art of causing change to occur in conformity with will” ~ Aleister Crowley Using Hermetic Order iconography & Mickey Strangeways dark Victorian influenced scratchy art to produce colour silk linings for our post-plague range of waistcoats & jackets ~ “mirum in […]


The macabre & ghoulish 18th century Penny Dreadfuls & Penny Bloods throwaway folded sheets which titillated Victorian readers with tales of murderous worlds & scandalous gruesome violence feeds our fables of crooked clothing & damaged millinery. The penny Play-Book tales of pirates & highwaymen & ghouls in the unlit darkened alleyways of old London are […]